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With over 700 products, at times it can be difficult to keep track of new products, product changes, and discontinued products.

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New Products

Product Code Form Retail Price Date Created
Melatonin 20T219590 Capsules$39.9501/05/2019
Dynamic Slender DrinkDSDPink Lemonade / Strawberry Kiwi$28.2601/01/2019
Dentalcidin™ LSB1301 fl. oz. (30 mL)$41.512/05/2018
Biotonic™B12460 ml$41.511/20/2018
NutriDyn Fruits & Greens TO GO with Monk FruitTOGONF&GMonkBlackberry Tangerine$1.5310/24/2018


Reformulated Products

Product Product Code Form Retail Price Notes
Chondro-Relief Plus R155 90 Capsules $14.25 Product now in capsule form
Chondro-Relief Plus R155L 180 Capsules $26.60 Product now in capsule form


Discontinued Products

Product Code Substitution/Notes Code


UltraInflamX® Plus 360 H211
Eye-Pro C T2171


Eye-Pro M T2172 EYE PRO T2124
Fiber Stat R128 Dynamic Intestinal Cleanse R224
Florastor S130L
Saccharomyces boulardii R226
GlycemX 360


Ultra Glucose Control UGC30
ImmunoG PRP S169 Immune PRP Pro T2178
L-Theanine S153 L-Theanine Pro T2123
OmegaGenics® DHA 900 M291 OmegaGenics® DHA 600
DHA Liquid Omega
Metal Eze R106 Cardio Flow™ P870
St John’s Wort R210 St. John's Wort With Folate And B12 M946
Tonalin CLA R213 Ultra CLA M375
Immune Health Basics S107 Immunity Pro T2186
Red Yeast Rice Extra Strength R212E Red Yeast Rice R229
UltraCare for Kids H300 MetaKids™ Nutrition Powder SHAKEKID
D-Ribose With PEAK ATP® R223 D-Ribose With PEAK ATP® P915
PhytoMulti® Kids M723 Suppys Multi-Vitamin SUPPYS